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Muay Thai (Thai-Boxing)

Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)

Muay Thai, translated into English as Thai-Boxing, is the national sport of Thailand and is an ancient form of martial arts dating back more than 2000 years. Thai-Boxing is an art form that utilizes all the body's natural weapons to create a devastating self-defense style, which is as competitive in the ring as it is effective in everyday life. Thai-Boxing is both a sport and means of self-defense. In Thai-Boxing hand techniques from western boxing are combined with elbows, knees, and powerful kicking techniques making it one of the most effective and respected kickboxing forms in the world.

Thai-Boxing is known as the "King of the Ring" in kickboxing circles. It has also been proven very effective outside the ring and has been embraced enthusiastically by practitioners of all walks of life regardless of age and gender for purely self defense reasons. Thai training methods develop devastating power, speed, and superb cardiovascular endurance and physical conditioning.

At Triple Boxing both the original authentic form of this powerful style of martial arts, as well as the contemporary form for the sporting enthusiast, are taught. The minimum age is 12 years old with group classes as well as private one-on-one personal training style classes available.

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